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About me

I’ve always been a writer – but mainly a factual, journalistic and corporate wordsmith for other people. Now I am taking time to enter the world of words for my own pleasure.

I signed up for a creative writing course at my local adult education centre. I know courses and workshops generate mixed feelings, but for me they were an eye (or perhaps ear?) opener so I have continued – progressing from beginner to intermediate, then eventually advanced.

I may never write a novel (*see later posts  – I may have changed my mind), publish an anthology of poems or even complete a short story (*actually I have now – see published work) but the classes have given me ‘permission’ to write and a reason to try something new.

I am the writing half of the travel-and-food website Rosemary and Pork Belly  but on this site I write about the creative side of writing.

In the meantime I continue to write in a freelance capacity for public sector and voluntary organisations, help small business with their social media and generally do all I can to keep writing for a living.

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