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Naughty pup

I was given a prompt at a recent workshop to write about a naughty pet. Immediately my mind flew to this picture of my sister-in-law’s new puppy showing total unconcern at the chaos he’d caused.

Naughty pup and the paper snowstorm
Naughty pup

A bit of flash fiction.

Who me?
Couldn’t be.
I just closed my eyes for a moment.
Snoozing on the sofa in the last patch of sunlight is my favourite occupation.
That’s all I’m doing.
Look, look into my eyes
You know it’s true.
I don’t understand what you mean.
You snap and snarl and growl at me
Barking out strange words I don’t understand.
Is this a new game?
Yes, yes, here I am.
Ears pricked, eyes bright.
Show me, show me.
What do you want?
But your voice doesn’t sound like play
And where’s my ball?
My squeaky chicken?
Do you want me to run and jump?
That always makes you laugh.
But no.
Not today.
Now you’re on all fours like me
Grumbling and growling in the scattered snowstorm of soft, white paper.
Let me help.
Let me help
At last a word I understand.
So I slink away to my bed.
For now.

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