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Down the rabbit hole

I adore historical novels. Everything I know about Rome comes from Colleen McCullough’s epic series about the rise of Julius Caesar and the crime-solving exploits of one Marcus Didius Falco created by Lyndsey Davis.

Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels are pure escapism to a world of bonnets and bosoms where achieving a good marriage is all that matters

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What is your genre….

…and does it really matter?

I’ve been puzzling lately about what genre I write. The form I choose is usually short story or flash fiction, but the genre?

Writers are a bit like flowers, unfurling their polished prose or poetic petals in a bid to attract a passing bee.

So why do we need to classify what type of flower we are?

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I love reading fantasy and yet I don’t feel I can write it. A good fantasy author will have the imagination and staying power to create and populate an entirely new world with its own physics, logic, language, history and culture.

It must be exhausting!

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I HATE ironing. Can you guess?

Arms folded she stared balefully at the ironing board in the corner, its looming presence dominating her mind and leaving her no room for escape.
She steeled herself for the routine struggle to erect the board, knowing how hard and unyielding it was, unkind and unsupportive.

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Helen stands in front of the fridge door – hand gently resting on the smooth, cool surface – and thinks.

Saturday morning: a rare chance for a peaceful, leisurely breakfast, undisturbed. So what should she have to celebrate this most precious of moments?

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