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Sense of place

I wrote recently about books I will never let out of my life, even though I have a passion for decluttering.

One of these is a childhood favourite, Lucy M. Boston’s The Children of Green Knowe. I was amazed to discover very recently that the house she lived in for more than fifty years, and that she drew on endlessly for the series, actually existed.

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What is your genre….

…and does it really matter?

I’ve been puzzling lately about what genre I write. The form I choose is usually short story or flash fiction, but the genre?

Writers are a bit like flowers, unfurling their polished prose or poetic petals in a bid to attract a passing bee.

So why do we need to classify what type of flower we are?

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Thinking about timelines

Reading is a bit like stepping into a Time Machine – we never know where the author’s going to take us.

One project I’m currently working on ( I call it  a project because it’s too long for a short story, too short for a novel – tis neither flesh nor fowl ) involves four characters with intersecting timelines so I have post-it notes galore reminding me of just

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