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Down the rabbit hole

I adore historical novels. Everything I know about Rome comes from Colleen McCullough’s epic series about the rise of Julius Caesar and the crime-solving exploits of one Marcus Didius Falco created by Lyndsey Davis.

Georgette Heyer’s Regency novels are pure escapism to a world of bonnets and bosoms where achieving a good marriage is all that matters

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….light the corners of my mind

I have recently completed a free online creative writing course with the Open University and FutureLearn which I heartily recommend to anyone new to writing fiction or writers with a bit of experience who want to get back to basics and receive informed feedback on their work.

I’ve always been resistant to the idea of keeping a journal or using Morning Pages to get the creative juices flowing but the course tutors suggested that for some of us carrying a notebook called “research” might be a way to get over this self-imposed block. BINGO! Now I use it to jot down random things I hear or see, passing thoughts I have and snippets of useful information and no longer feel guilt that it’s not full of flowing, cursive script of delicious descriptions and wise insights!

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Best day on Earth

I recently entered the Rough Guides Travel Writing competition – even though I am way outside the demographic!

The focus was mainly on young people planning or experiencing a Gap Year – but I think we can all take time out of our lives for a bit of travel, whatever our age.

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Love 2 sing

Because I put on my twitter profile “singer” I’ve been having some interesting conversations.

It made me consider why I’d put it there – why singing was so important to me that I included it in the briefest of summaries about myself.

Then I realised that singing was one of my earliest memories – and I wrote about it, using an excerpt from Richard Kerridge’s “Cold Blood” as inspiration.

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