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Why I love Writers HQ

Writers are supposed to be solitary creatures, artists starving in garrets, viewing the world from a rarefied, literary viewpoint.

Aren’t they?

Nope not really.

You’re just as likely to find us scribbling away in noisy coffee shops, on rattling high-speed trains or surrounded by a sprawling mass of snotty-nosed kids or drooling cats and dogs.

At least that’s the impression I get from taking part in a recent free online writing course with Writers HQ.

Yes, I said FREE!

Of course they want you to subscribe to their full courses or attend one of their Writers Retreats up and down the country, but they’re a generous bunch and every now and they they share their expertise and slightly warped view of the world without charge.

I’ve just finished their 14 Days to a Solid Writing Habit and it has given me a much needed boot up the backside. More importantly their brand of irreverent fun (they are a bit sweary) and honest opinions brokers a massively supportive community. We’re all still going strong in a dedicated private online group where we share the pleasures and pains of the pen.

I still love my weekly writers face-to-face group at my local adult education centre and continue to value their feedback and support.

But I’ve found a new tribe too.

Who do you share your work with?

For more information on Writers HQ check out their website



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